Speedy Solutions – DSE BAFS (Accounting Module) Road to 5**




This book is written for the DSE BAFS Paper 2A examination based on the latest exam syllabus and assessment guidelines. It clarifies students’ concepts by analysing students’ common mistakes in each chapter. It helps students solve problems in Paper 2A by providing capture star notes, exam analysis, practice and teaching unique problems solving and scoring skills.

根據最新課程及評估指引,針對DSE 企會財卷二甲考試(英文課程),以考評角度編寫。透過詳細分析考生於卷二甲各課題的常犯錯誤,為考生釐清概念。配合名師筆記、試題分析及練習,傳授獨門破題及取分技巧,助考生逐一破解卷二甲的應試難題,爭分奪星。

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Speedy Solutions – DSE BAFS (Accounting Module) Road to 5**

This book is written to help students tackle the following problems they face in DSE Paper 2A :

Q1: How can I understand what a question is asking after reading a long paragraph?
Question decoder highlights and explains the important and tricky points of questions.

Q2: How can I catch the main points after reading a long chapter in the textbook?
Exam key points are extracted from each chapter. The skills used in each key point are important in tackling accounting problems.

Dotted lines are included to clearly show the flow and linkage of numbers in accounting.

Q3: How can I start answering a question?
Key steps are developed to help students tackle accounting problems in a systematic way.

Q4: How can I secure full marks in a question?
Exam strategies with unique problems solving and scoring skills are developed to help students solve accounting problems.

Common Mistakes feature over 80 exam traps. Students can learn the tricks and cross the traps.

Rex Ng 吳偉良
BBA (Hons) (Professional Accountancy), MSc (Marketing), DipEd CUHK

任教於Band 1 名校,曾出任大型連鎖補習社名師,歷任會計科科主任